Finally, connect Thunderbird to your Office365 email account at your office.

You love Thunderbird. Your company uses Office365.
Owl is the little bird that lets the two talk to each other.

Simple to install

Just your email address and password, and Owl figures out the rest.

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2 coffees per year


Just works

See your emails in Thunderbird



Once you’re logged in, Owl hides in the trees and lets you work. Your emails appear just like any other emails in Thunderbird. Pure productivity.

You don’t even see Owl. That’s how he likes it.


Read your work emails in Thunderbird


Send emails to your colleages


Open, save, and send attachments

Address book

Browse your Office365 address book in Thunderbird. Modify it.


  1. Download Owl Thunderbird add-on
  2. Start Thunderbird 102 or newer
  3. Install: Thunderbird menu | Add-ons | Gears (Settings) button | Install from file...
  4. Setup: Add-ons | Owl | "Settings" button (next to Owl) | Create account...


What our users said about Owl

“My company moved last week to a multi-factor authentication (MFA), without any possibility to use “app-passwords”. So we were stuck…

Your solution with Owl is easy to configure.”


Alban France

“I just wanted to send you a “big thanks” for “Owl for Office365”. It is finally solving a big problem with an Office365 server.

Finally, this add-on cures a big pain point I had for over a year now!”


Marcel Germany


Although we personally spent decades contributing to Thunderbird as volunteers, we need to live, too.

10 Euro per year

Allow us to have a few cups of cappuccino per year
… so that we can continue our work

1 month free

1 month trial period. 1 month money back guarantee even after you paid. You pay only when you’re happy with it.

Domain licenses

Enable your entire company to use Owl, by purchasing 10 or more licenses for your entire domain. Purchase a domain license…


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Owl was created with dedication, sweat and rigor.