Various help/tools for the Mozilla development community. HTH.


It has been said that compiling IDL files to XPT (cross-platform type library) files is unecessarily hard for JavaScript component developers, because they need to compile the whole Mozilla source just to get the IDL compiler. I don't know, if these binaries are available elsewhere, but I quickly zipped up mine, including dependencies. Update: Seems like the Gecko SDK has the pre-compiled XPIDL compiler as well.


XPT files are cross-platform, meaning that you can generate it on one platform and use it on all others. More info on how to use the compiler is in the README in the package and in the book Creating Applications with Mozilla.

The Linux tarball includes the required (GNOME) libraries, in case you don't have them on your system. The Windows exe needs the "Netscape wintools", see the relevant section at the Win32 build page.