This page lists external resources around Mozilla. Most of it, but not all, applies to Beonex Communicator as well. The documents possibly help you to solve problems or get more out of Beonex Communicator.

Disclamers: We cannot tell that all of the linked documents are correct, in fact some documents are known to contain wrong, misleading and suboptimal information. Some of the instructions are inherently dangerous and can easily break your Beonex Communicator installation or even make you lose your bookmarks/mails (less likely). Nothing here is supported. Use with care.
The organization leading the development of Mozilla, the base of Beonex Communicator
Premier site for third-party Mozilla-based projects. A lot of resources for enhancing Mozilla, including new applications, sidebars and search engines.
Mozilla fun
Funny links around Mozilla, incl. Mozilla-the-animal.
Customizing Mozilla
Very rough and geeky, but invalueable examples, how to make Mozilla fit your needs, using its built-in functions.
Mozilla end-user docs
A collection of some documents and links for users, maintained by
Mozilla 1.0 release-notes
A long list of known problems and rough edges, often with work-arounds, maintained by This is the first resource to look at, if you have problems (after the Beonex Communicator release-notes, of course).
Holger Metzger's FAQ
Generally a good FAQ. The German version is more extensive.
Official Netscape 7 FAQ
Dark's Mozilla Linux FAQ
Gerbil's FAQ
Mozilla profiles tips
How to move, rescue etc. profiles, where your bookmarks, mails etc. are stored. These are inherently dangerous operations and you are strongly advised to backup your profiles before you change anything.
O'Reilly Network - Mozilla
Various articles about Mozilla
Pratik's collection of some hidden prefs
The Unofficial Netscape FAQ
Gemal's list of profile files
Lists the files in the Mozilla profile and their purpose.
Mozilla 1.0 start page
Contains a lot of resources about Mozilla, but much of that only partially applies to Beonex Communicator.
Scott's Netscape 6 FAQ
Another N6 FAQ
Hogarth's Mozilla Reference
A collection of Mozilla sites, resources etc. for more links