Allows you to check the spelling of your emails and webpages


The spellchecker is now included in Beonex Communicator.

The Beonex Communicator 0.8.2 Windows release accidently has no spellchecker included. Next release again.

If you use an older Beonex Communicator build or a Mozilla development build, you can still install the spellchecker.


The English (United States) dictionary is already included. Dictionaries for other languages can be added below.

Direct install

Click on a button below to install the corresponding dictionary for spellchecking.

Other languages

If you want to use one of the following dictionaries, you have to install it manually. To do that, copy the *.dic and *.aff files from the corresponding zip file below to the bin/componentx/myspell directory of your Communicator installation.

Alternative download

Dictionaries as XPI: English Canada (350K), English United Kingdom (250K), French (320K), German (350K), Italian (380K), Spanish (200K), Swedish (110K)