Latest security advisory

The Mozilla 1.0.2 released fixed and disclosed a lot of security bugs, some of them severe.

Beonex Communicator 0.8.2 is based on Mozilla 1.0.2 and thus contains these fixes. We strongly recommend you to update Communicator.

List of security bugs fixed:
91043 document.write while another page is loading can bypass same-origin check
151478 https wyciwyg page is cached
152701 More eavsdropping in mailnews...
157646 Possible heap corruption in libjar
161357 Buffer overflow with external protocol handler
162393 A variable called "content" confuses urlSecurityCheck in contentAreaUtils.js
162520 Possible princeton-style password stealing exploit
163648 URL with "vbscript:" protocol launches MS Internet Explorer
164695 Heap corruption in libjar using manifest length -1
168316 Violating same-origin with Java
169982 XMLSerializer.serializeToStream needs same origin check
171274 URL bar spoofing using XUL <browser type="content-primary">

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