Allows you to check the spelling of your emails and webpages



  1. Change user
    You must run Communicator as the user which owns the Communicator installation. If you don't know, what this means, ignore it.
  2. Install
    (for Windows only currently)
  3. Restart
    After successful installation, restart Communicator.
  4. Additional Dictionaries
    To add support for non-English languages, you can download the corresponding dictionaries.
  5. Select dictionary
    In order to use the spellchecker, you currently have to select a dictionary to use, even if you use the English dictionary. Communicator might crash otherwise.
    1. In Mailnews, click Compose to create a new message.
    2. Click in the content area (the big white area on the bottom).
    3. The Spell button should now be enabled. Click on it.
    4. A dialog should come up. On the bottom, you see a Language selection. Download More is probably currently selected, which you must change. Click on the down-arrow to see a list of installed dictionaries. Select one.
    5. Click on the Close button in the bottom right.
  6. Enable automatic spellchecking
    If you want, you can enable Edit|Preferences...|Mailnews|Composition|Check spelling before sending.
    Or you can check the spelling on request, by clicking on the Spell button in the message composer (the button you used above already).


If you installed the Mozilla RPM for Red Hat 7, there are some spellchecker RPMs. There are no known packages for other Linux versions or Beonex Communicator.

Alternative download

Spellchecker Win32 (250K)

Credits and Disclaimers

The Mozilla package has been written by David Einstein and bases on MySpell.

The package is still in development, so this should be considered beta software, which maybe contains problems.

Known bug: Spellchecking a single word document can cause a crash. If all you write is one word, spell it correctly.