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Update: This list is now disabled


The "users" mailing list is for user-discussion about Beonex. If you are a private user and have a problem with Beonex software, try asking here and some other user might help you. Of course, helping other users is appreciated. You can also post comments and suggestions about Beonex here.


Before posting, please check the mailing list archive, if you can find the answer there.

Questions from corporate users are not forbidden, but discouraged in favor of commercial support. Our servers and employees cost money, and somewhere it has to come from...

The list is open for posting by list-members only, meaning that you have to successfully subscribe before you can post (i.e. send messages to the list). Always use a working From- or Reply-To-address when posting.


To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the list archives.


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The #beonex IRC channel is for chat between Beonex users about Beonex software.