The difference between Beonex Communicator and Mozilla

Because Beonex Communicator bases on Mozilla and Mozilla is an open-source project, too, many people are asking us, what the advantages of using Beonex Communicator instead of Mozilla are.

But this is not really the right question to ask. The Mozilla project never intended to produce a browser which end-users download and use for their daily work. The end-product of the Mozilla project is source code only, which can be used by other projects. Such projects would be Netscape 6, Galeon, the Nokia Media Terminal or... Beonex Communicator. Mozilla only works behind the scene, providing the other projects some of the parts needed.

Some proofs:

Actually, the Beonex project has been founded when it became clear that the Mozilla project does not want to produce binaries that are well-suited for end-users. Many people working on the Mozilla project want to see an open-source browser in the consumers' hands. (If we depended on Netscape to distribute Mozilla, all work would be lost, because in many important questions, AOL/Netscape disagrees with volunteers working on Mozilla.)

Beonex was founded to fill this void: create an open-source browser (based on Mozilla) for end-users and make it as good as possible.

What Beonex does is:

None of these tasks does fulfill or is even interested to fulfill them.

In other words, if you want a HTML compliance test and a script that tries to crash your browser, get Mozilla and help there. If you want a browser that makes life easy for you and lets you explore the digital world, while protecting you from the evil parts, get Beonex Communicator.