Frequently Asked Questions
- Why Beonex? We have Mozilla!

In short: Mozilla is not made for users.

See a longer explanation.

- What does the name "Beonex" mean?

Nothing. But it is globally unique.

BTW: It is pronounced "Beo-necs".

- What was the intention for creating Beonex, if it is so similar to Netscape 6?

In short: Open-Source and Privacy

As I write this, there is no open-source distribution of Mozilla for end-users, apart from some packages in Linux distributions.

We were unhappy with the way people were tracked by the major browser vendors while they surfed the web, and we didn't like to see the masses being trapped in a partner-websites world or forced to use a certain browser, operating system, registration system or whatever. We believe in open competition on a distributed Internet.

We also disagreed with some of the feature vs. security trade-offs other browser vendors made.

- If you use the same code as Netscape, isn't that illegal? Did you "crack" Netscape 6?

Not at all! Netscape kindly released the source code to its flagship product, Communicator 5 (never finished), under an open-source licence to and continued to release the new code for Netscape 6 as open source.

OTOH, Netscape recieved the source code of many individual volunteers (including many of the Beonex people) and companies who/which contributed to the Mozilla project. See also our policy about open source.

It's a give and take.

-More information

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