Internet client software suite
Beonex Communicator belongs to the Mozilla family of browsers, i.e. is a sibling of Netscape 7. Beonex Communicator contains

Navigator has everything you expect from a browser - support for key web standards and a convenient interface.
For example, it eases searching the Internet, similar to Apple's Sherlock on Macintosh. The Bookmark Manager can deal with huge collections of bookmarks and allows you to overview and sort them while you are surfing. If you want, you can track the latest headlines or webcams using the Sidebar.

The Mailnews client supports multiple IMAP, POP3 and/or news accounts for each user, so you can download and manage all your email from various accounts in one place and store them on your computer or the server.

Beonex puts a strong emphasis on security and privacy and netiquette, to protect the private or confidential information on your computer and to encourage fairness.

All of this is free: You can download all applications for free, and you are even allowed to modify them.

For money, we offer support for companies and development of new features. Private users can use the community mailing lists for free. There's a small FAQ collection for immediate answers to some popular questions.

Beonex Communicator 0.8.2-stable