We strongly support open, non-proprietary protocols.

We think that choice is very important, and open protocols make it possible for each party to choose the software of its own choice, regardless of which software the other side uses.

E.g. we think that employees should be able to choose their browser, email client and word processor independantly from any company standards, as long as they know how to use them. We find it rude to force people to use a certain software, just because the company has chosen the corresponding proprietary server software. Also, people can be much more productive, if they have freedom.

Actually, this was one of the main reasons why Beonex was founded: To help spread implementations of open protocols in the corporate market.

Some of the standards we advocate:

1 Not yet implemented in Beonex Communicator - please help funding the development!

Another excellent example why open protocols are important is the current "instant messaging" situation. There is IRC (established, open internet standard), ICQ, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) etc.. The latter two have closed protocols, none of them can interoperate. People who want to talk to an AIM, some ICQ and some IRC users have to install and use 3 different chat applications. There is hardly any choice of applications for AIM and ICQ - if you don't like the provided applications, you are out of luck.