Beonex is a trademark of Ben Bucksch.

Legal Status

Legally, the Beonex services and products are provided by Ben Bucksch. He is an independent, personally liable software developer.

Practically, we are like a company, but we are not yet founded and registered as such. This is the reason why there is no company name, but only "Beonex".

However, we are allowed to provide products and services, and we are legally bound to fulfill our contracts. In fact, the liability doesn't stop at a company's base capital, but is only limited by the private capital of Ben Bucksch. In other words, the fact that we are not a registered company is not a risk for you, but only for our "founder", Ben Bucksch.

Jurisdiction is Germany.


We are a virtual "company" - you will get the fastest response by writing an email to the right address.

Ben Bucksch
Humboldtstr. 29
65189 Wiesbaden
Phone +49-611-377777
Fax +49-611-304329

VAT-ID DE 204 980 289
IHK Wiesbaden
Responsible: Ben Bucksch